Clark R. Babin National Forensic Laboratory Expansion


U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service


38,300 GSF


Ashland, Oregon

  • Needs assessment
  • Full architectural and engineering services

The Clark R. Bavin National Forensic Laboratory is the only comprehensive full-service animal wildlife forensics laboratory in the world. Its purpose is the serve the global forensic needs of wildlife law enforcement agencies from around the world. The mission of the laboratory is to develop court-acceptable parts and products identification protocols as well as analyze evidence submitted by federal, state and international wildlife investigators. In order to perform its mission, the laboratory integrates the expertise of animal wildlife and police forensic science disciplines including morphology, DNA analysis, analytical chemistry, criminalistics, and pathology.

This addition/renovation includes BSL1, 2 and 3 containment areas (necropsy lab, toxicology lab, Polymerase Chain Reaction lab, instrumental analysis lab, hazardous waste storage space, evidence receiving area, and walk-in freezer storage space); storage spaces for morphology, reference standards and chemicals/solvents; and expanded office space for administration, new laboratory personnel, and visiting scientists.