Creative solutions that have a positive impact on you, the communities you serve and the overall forensic science professions. Critical Thinking, Integrated Practice and Design Excellence guide our thinking, behavior, belief system and mindset.


Design Excellence

Creativity is a way of looking at the world: inquisitively and with wonder. It is also a way of responding to the world: respectfully and with confidence. Design requires a clear mind, patient spirit and the expertise built on a deep understanding of forensic science facilities.

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Recruiting and retaining the best staff.

Focused on creating an engaging experience for today’s and tomorrow’s staff.

Function First

Lean planning principles to drive productivity, quality and safety.


Integrated Practice means diversity of thought, multiple vantage points, variant practices and specialist skills: these are the underpinnings of teamwork and success. A culture and perspective integrating engineering and architecture from a project’s beginning delivers a rigorously collaborative design process delivering buildings that work better and use less energy.

"Future-Proof" Engineering

Infrastructure and equipment planning that considers growth and changing technologies.

Energy Savings

Intuitive MEP design that right-sizes your infrastructure and identifies energy and cost savings.

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Critical Thinking

Exploration is an ambitious, thought-provoking undertaking that leads to notable and often surprising findings. Fueled by curiosity and frequently instigated by necessity, it is a methodical process that safeguards measures of accountability. Working as a consultant to other architect and engineering firms to deliver subject matter expertise and activate and resolve questions.  


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Specialist Consultants

Our team of experts can assist local architects and engineers in best practices and cutting-edge design for specialized laboratories.

Custom SABER Tool

Crime Lab Design’s Space and Budget Estimating Resource (SABER) tool provides space and budget projection for early-stage facility planning whether for new construction or renovation.

Programming & Planning

As a first and critical step in the early stage planning of new or renovated facilities you need to answer the key questions of how big and how much. The Space and Budget Estimating Resource, SABER tool quickly identifies space and budget based on your unique data and helps inform the overall Needs Assessment process.

How Big and How Much

Identify current needs and how to scale your facility for tomorrow.

Funding Assistance

Our team of experts can help identify funding sources and guide your team in your request.

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