Kuwait Criminal Evidence Headquarters


Kuwait Ministry of Public Work


726,440 GSF


Kuwait City, Kuwait

  • Programming
  • Laboratory planning
  • MEP engineering services

Kuwait Crime Evidence (KCE) was established in 1961, the same year of the country’s declaration of independence. Through the years, KCE has established itself as the leader among other similar facilities with many achievements including the establishment of Kuwait Identification DNA Laboratory (KIDL) in 2001. However, during the 1991 Iraqi invasion, KCE’s original facility was destroyed. Since then, KCE has occupied a temporary facility with sub-standard infrastructures and operational environment. The objective of this project was to create a state-of-the-art, innovative facility to house the crime evidence laboratory for the State of Kuwait.

It is the vision of the Kuwaiti government to extend the new crime evidence headquarters beyond its traditional role of a passive evidence verification laboratory to an active, crime prevention mechanism including a new Kuwaiti National DNA Database Center to address the challenges arising from its diverse population. It was also imperative that the planning and design of the new facility be equipped with the newest technologies to further advance the performance of all the existing departments. Among the GCC countries, Kuwait has been the leader in many areas including being the first one declaring independence. This new facility is intended to be the benchmark for crime evidence verification in Kuwait and the Gulf region.