Tucson Police Department Forensic Laboratory


Tucson Police Department


62,377 GSF


Tucson, Arizona



  • Needs assessment and master plan
  • Program of requirements
  • Lab planning and equipment planning through CA
  • MEP engineering through DD plus peer review of documents

Tucson’s new ASCLD/LAB-International accredited Forensic Laboratory features controlled substances, forensic biology/DNA, latent prints, trace chemicals, arson, explosives, firearms (including a firing range), toxicology, computer/electronic media forensics, evidence control, quality assurance, and administration.

Sustainable design features include the collection of rainwater from the roofs to supply 100% of irrigation needs, large roof overhangs and light shelves, low-flow plumbing fixtures, walls and roofs with high thermal resistance and optimal radiant energy acceptance or rejection, and spectrally selective films for glazing and skylights. The mechanical system is a sophisticated variable-air-volume system with hydronic reheat and boasts advanced filtration, high efficiency chillers, a high volume of outside air and heat exchangers to recapture energy in exhausted air. Energy usage is further reduced by systems that control the lights via occupancy and daylight.