King County Regional AFIS Laboratory Replacement


King County Regional AFIS


19,000 GSF


Renton, Washington

  • Needs assessment including existing conditions and programming
  • Laboratory Planning
  • MEP Engineering Consulting


Since its establishment in 2000, the current latent print processing laboratory has seen only minor adjustments to its mechanical and electrical systems. However, despite serving 37 out of the 39 cities, as well as the unincorporated areas within King County, the facility is outdated and too small to efficiently handle the program’s workload. This situation not only hampers efficiency but also poses risks to employee safety and evidence management. To address these issues, the AFIS Laboratory will be relocated to renovated space on the first floor of the King County Black River Building.

The relocation project aims to provide adequate space for the secure handling, examination, and processing of evidence, particularly for developing latent prints using various methods such as physical, chemical, and alternate light sources. Beyond laboratory facilities, the proposed renovation will include conference rooms, training spaces for both examiners and law enforcement personnel, secure long-term evidence storage, and room for future expansion. A single-story extension will be built to accommodate vehicles and oversized evidence that cannot be processed in the main laboratory.

The Sheriff’s Department Photography Lab will be co-located with the AFIS Lab, facilitating the sharing of staff and equipment in a combined space that will include studio areas, processing facilities, administrative offices, and evidence storage rooms.