Mesa Police Department Forensic Services Facility


Mesa Police Department


48,000 gsf


Mesa, Arizona

  • Needs assessment
  • Programming
  • Laboratory planning through CA
  • MEP engineering through DD and CD peer review
  • Lab equipment planning

This new LEED NC certified forensic facility consolidates several technical service divisions of the Mesa Police Department: Crime Lab, Identification, and Storage and Supply. The building is located on the City’s criminal justice campus and is in close proximity to the existing Courthouse, Police Department, and parking structure. While the site of the building was constrained and located between the existing Police Building and parking structure it did allow for an orientation with a primary east-west circulation axis, locating lab and office windows on the north and south faces of the building.

Functions housed in the facility include controlled substances, blood alcohol, toxicology, firearms examination (including testing/firing range), crime scene investigations including vehicle exam bays, serology, DNA/forensic biology, latent prints, controlled substances, toxicology, blood alcohol, firearms and toolmarks, forensic photography, evidence control, quality assurance, and administration. The lab is also ASCLD/LAB accredited.