Confidential Client - Health Sciences Authority Building


Confidential Client


675,112 GSF



  • Program validation
  • Laboratory and MEP planning and design
  • Equipment planning through construction

This project consolidated and integrated Health Sciences Authority (HSA) functions into a single new facility. HSA protects and advances national health and safety through specialized agencies: Center for Drug Evaluation, Institute of Science and Forensic Medicine, National Pharmaceutical Administration, and Product Regulation.

Bringing together these functions started with a rigorous program validation and Lean Six Sigma process that ultimately reduced the building size by 130,000 square feet. The new HSA building will be home to laboratories requiring a high level of security for: illicit drugs, crime scene investigation, DNA, biology, medical examiner, autopsy, morgue, analytical, toxicology, food safety, trace evidence, pharmaceutical and health products testing, firearms and toolmarks, chemical metrology, and questioned documents.