Rhode Island State Police Police Public Safety Complex


Rhode Island State Police


56,400 GSF


North Scituate, Rhode Island

  • Programming
  • Laboratory planning and MEP engineering through DD plus peer review of CD
  • Lab equipment planning

The new Public Safety Complex consolidates outdated buildings and multiple functional groups under one roof: State Police Main Headquarters, Criminal Investigation Unit, Bureau of Criminal Identification, and patrol, detective and administrative bureaus. Another significant component is a state-of-the-art emergency call and command center.

The three-story facility features a control and dispatch suite, 5 detective suites, 5 interview rooms, holding and processing for 10 detainees, an evidence storage suite, CIU laboratories, vehicle exam bay, and a sally port. A 35-seat conference center with wireless adaptability and high-tech audiovisual equipment was designed for multi-uses such as press conferences. The E-911 facility was designed to include 24-hour support facilities such as a break room, locker room and showers.The complex layers levels of protection that start at the site perimeter and move inward to the interior of the building. Both passive and active security design strategies are implemented.